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The online marketplace for products and services near you from local stores and sellers

We give retail an advantage over Amazon

The easy-to-use online marketplace for buying and selling local products and services. Real-Time multi-location inventory management for sellers who want to increase local sales and buyers who support local businesses.

The Local Customer Service Advantage

Business To Consumer

When a business features a new product, a notification is sent out to all customers that have an interest in that specific product as well as subscribers of the wall the product was posted to. WyFyFace can identify who received the notifications and whether or not it resulted in an on-location customer.

Geo-Location Products

WyFyFace allows registered users to see products they are interested in by proximity using the gps location of the logged in user and the gps location of the product listing. Our platform puts local first while creating a same day local pickup competitive advantage for local business

Digital Interactive Signs and Permissions

WyFyFace can provide your business or departments with a connected digital display for building a following that users can publically or privately communicate with you. The admin can add anyone by username to become a product lister as a manager.

Inventory Availability

WyFyFace allows local people to see what items you have in stock in real time by location. Customers can request more details about an item such as condition or availablility that on location managers can answer. Each manager can add products to inventory by location that are featured for sale on the marketplace right from their own mobile devices.

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We will remain a PWA app. One that installs from a web browser not an app store. This allows us to give you freedom and control over your platform not requiring us to abide by marketplace rules restrictions and guidlines.

Buyer Benefits

We are the Marketplace for locally sold products and services. Search the real-time inventory of local businesses for the products you’re looking for. Enter a product category, price, brand, distance or condition and when a local business lists the item, you get notified. As your GPS location changes while driving our system notifies you when you’re near a business that’s selling an item you’re interested in. Have a question about a product? Send private message to a local business to get answers from the staff you know and trust in real time. Nothing hits your feed without adding a product or service of interest or subscribing to a local business’s feed. Every business page on our ecosystem is managed by the local staff you know and trust. Before buying on Amazon check your local MyfyWall and support your local business’s. The best part is you can’t login with Facebook.

Seller Benefits

Whether you are a national retailer or a small single location outlet the MyFyWall helps increase local sales. Go from one location to many. Our platform allows you to add locations and add managers who are authorized listers by location. Each manager can add products to inventory by location that are featured for sale on the marketplace right from their own mobile devices. The admin can add anyone by username to become a manager or remove the permission the same way. The Admin or managers may block any platform user from engaging with the business that elects to act or comment inappropriately for any reason.

How It Works


A collection of posts from the various walls a user subscribes to and product posts that met the logged in user pre defined requirements


Here you can identify the walls you subscribed to at a business you have an interest in following allowing that walls post to reach your feed.


Users can view locations on a map and engage with the business directly. A business can have multiple seperated communication forums by department


The profile tab is where users enter products and services of interest allowing them to be notified when a local business features something they want.

We need your help to finish this product. We are attempting to raise $30,000 usd to finish this product correctly in exchange for 15% equity. We have customers on standby, if you can help please reach out using the contact us section below or contact Haas directly at 419-509-8201


We strive for excellence with everything we do but understand the realization that as technology changes so should we. Finding additional team members along with understanding how our users want to interact with our application is crucial to providing the best experience possible. If you think you have what it takes to join our team drop us a line! Further more, if you see something you would like added to our current application let us know. Of course, if something is not working properly we encourage our users to contact us immediately so we may fix the bug! Let us know your thoughts, we will be sure to get back to you soon!

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